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An American-Armenian granddaughter of exiled genocide survivors dares to venture to their lost ancestral homeland to uncover long-buried truths. During her travels, she meets a lone Scottish explorer who had stumbled upon this mysterious land of secrets  years earlier. Together the duo digs beneath the surface of modern-day Turkey, discovering sacred relics, silenced voices, fearless resilience, and the hidden map.


The documentary premiered nationwide on NBCLX in April 2021, coinciding with the U.S.' official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Overwhelming audience and critical response prompted nine encore broadcasts. It was also the top broadcast on PBS SoCal and KCET in December, leading to national distribution on PBS. The film aired more than 1,500 times in markets across the US in 2022 with more slated in 2023.   The Hidden Map has earned more than a dozen honors at international film festivals and was considered for three Primetime Emmys.


"The Hidden Map Documentary Remembers Lives Lost in 1915 Armenian Genocide"

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"The Hidden Map documentary being considered for three Primetime Emmys"

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"Filmmaker, granddaughter of Armenian Genocide survivor uncovers Armenia's culture, history in documentary"

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"Uncovering the  Hidden Map"


"Fresno native traces her Armenian heritage in The Hidden Map"


Journey to modern-day Turkey with an American-Armenian granddaughter of genocide survivors in search of long-buried truths and a forbidden past that has been awaiting discovery for more than a century.


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